Anne records Podcasts about people who live and work overseas. She also helps families or friends who would like to produce a Podcast about their own unique story. 


She writes ebooks about good habits for people finding themselves in unfamiliar circumstances.  The first one is called 'The Good Habits of a Trailing Spouse' 

Contact her at anne@celebratingthestory.com if you would like to find out more or be featured on a Podcast.   


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Anne Morgan
Podcaster and Writer 

Anne’s recent story starts with her unexpected relocation to Singapore in 2010, after a long career in the UK in field sales and marketing. For the first time in her adult life, she found herself without a job, network, or structure, and so started her quest to find a new identity, community, work and purpose.

She was creative, joined in and turned up and said yes to most things. Became the Events Manager for the American Association of Singapore (despite being from Manchester). Joined a start-up charity, wrote the script for two Italian Galas, served on a Board, mentored young managers, wrote some more and through a  happy coincidence got involved in the world of Podcasting.

She’s the Show Host of Stretford to Singapore: a podcast about relocating overseas, featuring stories from the people who’ve made the move. 

She helps families and friends record their own podcasts so they can pass on their unique memories and stories. 

She loves writing and is in the process of writing a series of Ebooks about good habits.