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Do you want to record your own family or friends sharing their unique stories? 

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Stretford To Singapore is a podcast about working and living overseas.

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Contact me at: 

anne@celebrating the story.com  

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When I moved overseas my life changed. I've started to write a series of ebooks about my story and the habits I needed to make things work. The first one is called

'The Good Habit Guide:  Being a Trailing Spouse

It is available on Amazon Kindle . 

Contact me at: 

anne@celebrating the story.com  



My Story

​After relocating to Singapore from the UK in 2010, I found myself without a job, network, or structure, and so I started a quest to find a new identity, community, work and purpose.

I was creative, joined in, turned up and said yes to most things. Became the Events Manager for the American Association of Singapore (despite being from Manchester). Joined a start-up charity, wrote the script for two Italian Galas, served on a non-profit board, mentored young managers, wrote some more and now I’ve started to speak!


I’m the Show Host of Stretford to Singapore: a podcast about relocating overseas, featuring stories from the people who’ve made the move. How do you find your place in a new community? What’s it like to be an expat spouse? How do you settle back home?


I’ve also started a venture to capture the stories of families, friends and businesses. All too often in the frantic business of modern living, we forget to pass on our memories and stories. At 'Celebrating the Story' we help people make an audio and video recording to share their story. 


I’ve always loved writing and have started a series of ebooks about habits to help people when they find themselves in unfamiliar situations. The first one is ‘The Good Habits of a Trailing Spouse’ it will be published at the end of July.   


If you would like to find out more or be featured on the podcast, contact me at anne@celebratingthestory.com




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